With today’s technology, we are in constant touch with our customer through email, skype and webcam. We send you detailed photos of your design as soon as they are completed via webcam and emails. When you need to see the actual samples, we use international courier express direct to you in 3 days.

We do a lot--dresses, shorts, shirts, jackets, skirts, slacks, children's wear---at both the couture and ready-to-wear level. We have experience with a lot of knit and woven fabric, and can handle all kinds of, embroidery, beading, hand-detailed work and printing. We also can do handbags and shoes. You can find samples of the work we do under the Gallery page.

The reality is, global competition has impacted the US and Europe’s domestic production infrastructure. Therefore, it is quite challenging to find companies out there that are a vertical production house where you can start with your designs, and ship the final product even with small quantity. We've tried to find companies like us out there, and there really aren't that many.

Being strategically located in Vietnam, we have trained a team of very talented artists and craftsmen so that we can help our customers turn their fashion ideas into reality. We want to provide an affordable channel where emerging designer entrepreneurs can have a partner to help them grow their business.

Yes. Designers work directly with founder, Sylvie Tran, and her team of highly-skilled craftsmen, from the development of the collections and samples, to personalized full-package production.

Our studio is strategically located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.  We are in the heart of Asia, giving you access to highly-skilled artisans, fabric, trims, and accessories sources, and an extensive network of factories.

The biggest advantages people find working with us are:

1. You have the benefits of working directly with a US-run company located in Vietnam which will drastically reduce your cost and overhead at least 50%. We are strategically located to utilize the availability of highly-skilled craftsmen, abundance raw materials, and large networks of overseas factories, giving you our customer the advantage of reliable service, quality development and on-time production at very competitive cost.

2. You are able to save time by going to one place instead of having to run back and forth between the pattern maker, the grader/ marker, the cutter, the sewer, and the dye house. We are the 1-stop outsource service company for most people.

3. The ability to produce garments in smaller quantities to suit your budgets.

4. You are able to produce almost all types of garments at our studio, instead of working on only knits or wovens.

5. We are adaptable to your needs. We provide you solutions based on your request, instead of fitting you into our services.


We keep all our patterns in our system, and can make a copy of all patterns onto a disk and provide that to the customer once the production is completed.

It depends. The development phase is very difficult to quantify in terms of time. Sometimes we hit it on the first prototype; others may take 4-5 revisions. There are shrinkage, fit, spec changes, etc. to consider, so the development time will vary depending on the garment that is being developed.


We are one of the most competitive. The reason we have strategically located our studio in Vietnam is so that you can benefit in the cost saving of at least 50% compared to domestic companies. With our large network of factories, we can make your production with low minimums. Our comprehensive services are one of a kind in Asia. Most of our competitors are purely just sewing contractors, and you have to have the right product for their facility or else they won't work with you. We go beyond that to support you in each stage of the development process from fabric and trim sourcing, garment testing, lab dip, and other related work that is needed for producing garments.

When we begin work, we will give you an estimate of your project cost.  We will send you a work confirmation invoice for a retainer fee of 70% of total project cost.  The balance must be made prior to shipping. You can pay us by check, bank transfer, or paypal.

As the service provider, we are the source for the actual creation of garments. We want to take care of our employees, and make sure that they get paid.

When we work on production, there are often miscellaneous charges such as lab dips, trim purchases, sample yardages, etc. and these need to be paid for immediately. We pay for it first, and then charge it to the customer's credit card.


We offer screen printing and embroidery services with modern state-of-the-art equipment in the industry. You can choose from a myriad of printing techniques, ranging from screen printing, direct to garment, foil, soft hand, and flocking, to other textured special effects. We can also do intricate hand embroidery and beadings. Please contact us for minimums.

Being situated in Asia, we have access to large number of textile companies. Our customers usually prefer to source their own fabrics. If you are not that familiar or particular, we can help in fabric sourcing and/or point you in the right direction. We recommend attending the fabric shows in New York, and LA. For international selection, the shows in China, Hong Kong and Thailand has a wide variety of selections.

We have no minimums for development.

For tees, minimums are 300 pieces, with mixed sizes. For other garments, we usually ask for a 100 piece minimum per style with a maximum of 2 colorways. Of course, if you absolutely can't hit that, we'll help you out as well. But, the pricing will adjust upwards to account for the smaller quantities.

We typically turn items around in 4-6 weeks, depending on the quantities ordered. Of course, any delay in fabric or trims and details will adjust the schedule accordingly.

Yes. When you have placed an order, fabric can be sent directly to us and we can store it until we cut and sew it. This is very common for our long distance customers. Many fabrics originates from Asia, and we can also help you source.

Besides our comprehensive list of services below, we also offer blank tees and private label programs:
• Fashion Start-up Consultation
• Fashion, Graphic and Technical Design Development
• Material and Trims Sourcing
• Textile Printing
• Screen Printing & Embroidery
• Hand Embroidery & Beading
• Custom Trims Development
• Hang Tags, Woven & Care Labels
• Garment & Fabric Testing
• Patternmaking
• Fitting
• Samples & Sample Duplicates
• Costing
• Grading
• Marking
• Cutting (only as a part of cutting and sewing, not a stand alone service)
• Sewing
• Finishing (as part of cutting and sewing services only; for full finishing work, please utilize a finishing-only company)
• Packaging (packaging supplies provided by customer)
• Sourcing and Production Management
• Quality Control
• Line Sheet
• Catalog/Look Book
• Photography

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